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Fluorescent Tube Recycling Liverpool

Most office buildings use fluorescent tubes: theses include mercury and are thus classified as hazardous waste by The Environment Agency. What this means is that fluorescent tubes recycling is the safest choice to demonstrate your dedication to environmental best practise. This is, in addition, the most economical option, as the amount of landfill sites that can cater for waste types including mercury are extremely limited and therefore are associated with high prices.

We provide you with rectangular containers that can carry approximately 150 6 foot tubes. Alternately, we may also offer 8 foot containers or bulk cartons for up to 2,000 tubes. Other container options are offered on request: e.g. drums for sodium lamps.

First, the mercury is extracted and recycled, while the glass part of the tubes is crushed, then also recycled. What this means is that we recycle 99% of each tube.

With a highly qualified team to ensure that you get exceptional value for money, Liverpool Waste Management even provide a free site audit to determine how you can segregate your waste in the most practical and environmentally friendly manner. So get a quote today or contact us on 0151 321 1420  to learn more about fluorescent tubes recycling.

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